Can I post ad without login from my Gmail or Facebook?

Yes. For anyone wanting to post ad on Classifieds Promotion, he/she must login either from Gmail or Facebook or they can sign up. However, there is no data stored of your Gmail/any mail or Facebook login on our server.

How long does it take for my ad to get Posted?

All the ads are published live after the completion of the final step. There is no delay.

What kind of Ads are not allowed on ClassifiedsPromotion?

Any ads related to Child Pornography and Terrorism, Drugs, Narcotics will never be allowed to get published on this site. Also anyone found doing that will have their IP banned from the site permanently.

Why my ad got deleted?

Reasons for deletion of your ad can vary but they mostly are:-
1.      Your advertisement was about child Porn or Terrorism, Drug, Narcotics                in a direct or indirect way.
2.      Your Ad appeared to be a spam (Including too many keywords and                         outbound links)
3.      The contact number mentioned in your ad is wrong.

How many ads can I post?

You can post as many ads you want. No limits. But keep the rules in mind while posting.

How will interested people will contact me?

Provide correct contact number or email, whichever suits you. Also make sure to provide high quality images for your ads. That will help in attracting many potential buyers for your products/services.

How can I report a wrong ad or ad that appears spam?

We would be very happy if you would help us in identifying spam ads as well as ads which are against rules to be posted here. If some third party posts ads in your name or your contact number, then you can contact us for the removal of ad here : - Admin@classifiedspromotion.com