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  • Content on this site By using this site you acknowledge the fact this being a classified site, is open for any person to post his product/service unless he is posting some ads which are not allowed like Child Pornography, terrorism, Drugs and narcotics. The admin of Classified Promotion cannot be held responsible if someone posts ads which aren’t allowed on this site. If you find any ad which violates the rules and policies of Classifieds Promotion, then you are required to contact the admin as soon as possible to look into the matter. You can contact the admin here: - admin@classifiedspromotion.org. You also agree to the fact, that the contact number, email mentioned by you in your ads can get sms or phone calls from those who are interested in your ads. Any dispute arising because of contact with the interested buyers through phone, email or any other way cannot be blamed on Classifieds Promotion. Classifieds Promotion in no way guarantees the authenticity of person who will contact you for anything in regards to your posted ad. Classifieds Promotion does not guarantee the accuracy of information represented by Ads posted by visitors. If you find any ads that is purposefully trying to portray wrong information about any company/person/organization, you should contact the admin for the removal of the ad as soon as possible. You can contact the admin here: - admin@classifiedspromotion.org.  
  • Termination of your service Classifieds Promotion reserves the right to block your ip ,or deactivate your account if it is founded out that you are violating against its rules and policies in any manner. Any Ad related to Child Pornography, Terrorism, Drugs Narcotics, Money Laundering will be removed immediately without any prior notice with the possibility of permanent banning of IP of that person who posted that Ad.  
  • Marketing and communication Classifieds Promotion reserves the right to contact you without spamming ofcourse through email or phone if classifieds Promotion believes it needs to contact you for any purpose.